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Dianne M. Baynes, RN, DC, MCS-P, CPPM
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 Dianne M. Baynes, RN, DC, MCS-P, CPPM

 Dr. Dianne M. Baynes decided on healthcare as a profession at the age of 10. She laid out a plan, and the steps to follow to achieve that end. She started volunteering in the local hospital at the age of 15 and eventually earned her nursing degree at the age of 19 and received her nursing license on her 20th birthday. She practiced as a registered nurse for 10 years prior to opening her own chiropractic practice. A 1986 graduate of Life University, Marietta Georgia, Dr. Baynes graduated Summa Cum Laude as Class Salutatorian. While attending Chiropractic College, she discovered her love of teaching. Dr. Baynes was selected in the top 1% of her class to join the elite Senior Intern Program. This program was designed as peer-to-peer teaching in the clinical environment. The strong desire to learn and teach helped drive the success of her chiropractic practice and continues to drive her success as a business and practice management coach today. Dr. Baynes has practiced in Tennessee and Florida and has been a practice management coach since 1998. It is with great joy that Dr. Baynes joins the KMC University team. Having worked with Kathy Mills Chang in the past, Dr. Baynes knows the benefits that the KMCU program brings to the chiropractic profession. "KMC University has a focus - to help doctors make and keep more money - and I know I have the skill-set to ensure the KMCU members do what it takes to experience that fully in their practice." Dr. Baynes has expertise in the areas of marketing, relationship building, team management and accountability, practice systems and organization, as well as implementation of practice profitability programs. Her primary goal is to help her chiropractic colleagues developed a success plan to maximize their accomplishments and contributions through their chiropractic service to their community.

 You can reach Dr. Dianne or the KMC team at (855) 832-6562, or by visiting  

 Sunday, October 9, 2016     |     Documentation Credits     |     8:00 am - 12:00 pm
Documentation and Compliance Basics

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