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How Do I Complete My Renewal for 2017/2018?

Thursday, November 17, 2016   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Sheri Ryan
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How to Renew your DC License for 2017/2018...

First - gather all your Certificates of Attendance from all the continuing education courses you have attended in the calendar years of 2015 and 2016.  Each Certificate of Attendance should have the following information:  Title of the course, the Date the course was completed, the State of Alaska Board of Chiropractic Examiners Approval Number or PACE Approval Number, type and number of credit(s) earned and the name of the provider/organization who sponsored the course.  

If you are an ACS Member, you can locate all Certificates of Attendance issued by the Alaska Chiropractic Society in your ACS Member Profile.  Login to with your username and password.  Select Manage Profile from the right hand menu.  Scroll down under Content & Features and select Professional Development.  You can use the printer icon next to each course to print your certificates or use the envelope icon to email a copy of the certificate to your email address.  You can also use this "file drawer" to upload information regarding courses you have attended from other CE Providers.  It's a great storage cabinet where everything is held in one place so if you get selected for audit, you are good to go with all your CE documents in one place.  Your information is stored in your Member Profile on the ACS website indefinitely.  Note, this information does not get deleted if you do not renew your membership - ACS maintains all records.

Once you've compiled all your attendance records, conduct an audit.  Do you have the minimum 32 credits required?  Do you have at least 2 in Ethics/Boundaries?  Do you have at least 2 in Coding/Documentation?  Do you have at least 8 in X-ray/Radiology/Advanced Imaging?  Are the total of credits completed online you are counting less than 16?  If you can answer YES to all these questions - GREAT!  You are ready to complete the renewal application.  

You have TWO choices this year for renewal - ONLINE LICENSE RENEWAL or download a 2017/2018 Chiropractic Physician License Renewal paper application to complete and mail.  You will need your DC license number in order to renew online.  The paper renewal form is 6 pages long.  Make sure to thoroughly read and complete each page - especially Page 3 where your signature is required at the bottom certifying that you have completed the continuing education requirement.  

Section 1 - this is where you list each course title, when you did it, what the approval number was, who the sponsor was and the number and type of credits earned.  There's also a box to check if the credits were earned online.  Remember:  you can't count more than 16 online credits total towards your minimum 32.  Have courses that won't fit on the pages provided, copy and attach additional pages as needed.  

Section 2 - this is where your CPR certification course goes.  You can only claim 4 credits maximum for a CPR course.  So, if you took a First Responder Course that was 2 days long - you can only use 4 credits for your DC renewal.  If you took CPR from the Alaska Chiropractic Society - the program title was American Safety and Health Institute CPR, AED and First Aid Combo.  You can list the name of the CPR Provider as either Frontier Safety and Supply or the Alaska Chiropractic Society.  The address would be where you took the class - it should be listed on your certificate of attendance.  

Section 3 - the jurisprudence review is NOT required.  BUT, if you are still coming short on credits, you can review the State of Alaska Chiropractic Statutes and Regulations and earn 2 general credits.  PLEASE NOTE:  these two credits can NOT be used to fulfill the ethics, documentation/coding, CPR, or radiology subject matter requirements.  These are GENERAL (clinical) credits ONLY.  You can either read the statutes/regs on your own or take the test.  Just remember - if you attest that you read the statutes and regs on your renewal application - you can't later say you didn't know what they say.... 

Page 3 and Page 6 both require your signature and a date.  

The Biennial license renewal fee is $600 for DCs licensed for the full calendar years of 2015 + 2016.  For DCs who had their licenses issued in 2015, your license renewal is $600.  For DCs who had their licenses issued in 2016, the biennial renewal fee is $300.  

Faxed or emailed renewal applications are NOT ACCEPTED.  You must either renew ONLINE or through the mail.  

Attach the required fee amount as a check or complete the Credit Card Payment form and return with your paper application.  If you MAIL your renewal application - keep a copy and send the renewal application through the USPS Certified mail with Return Receipt so that you have proof you mailed your application and that the State of Alaska received the application.  

DO NOT send copies of your certificates of attendance with your paper application or forward to the State of Alaska Board of Chiropractic Examiners after you renew online.  You are required to keep the certificates of attendance in YOUR records in case of audit.  

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