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Stop Letting Insurance Dictate Patient Care ​

Tuesday, November 22, 2016   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Sheri Ryan
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Dr Ray Foxworth, ChiroHealthUSA

Recently, one of my staff members took her son for his annual check up. Upon entering the room, the nurse promptly notified her that they would not be performing some of the usual tests because her insurance would no longer cover it for children under the age of 12. She was not given the option to pay for the tests out of pocket, just told that they would not be performed. When she asked how much the tests would be if she paid out of pocket, she was told that the tests would be $115.00.

The next morning, she was visibly agitated and annoyed that the pediatrician would so willingly dictate care for her child based on her insurance coverage and not what was in his best interest. The reality is that most doctors, chiropractors included, make the assumption that patients will not pay out of pocket for services not covered by insurance. The truth is that patients can and WILL pay for services not covered by insurance when they are presented with the information up front and given affordable payment options when these services are costly.

In her situation, the test was fairly inexpensive and the results were important to her family. You see, the test in question would be used to indicate early signs of juvenile diabetes. She and her husband have a family history of diabetes and want to have him checked annually. This test is so important to her she wouldn't have hesitated to pay 2-3 times that amount. This is not to say that parents and patients are not cost conscious. The recent uproar over the price increase for Epipens is proof that families are struggling with rising healthcare costs.

Ask yourself, "Is my practice missing an opportunity to grow? Am I selectively providing care for patients based on their insurance coverage?" How many patients are not receiving treatments in your office that would help them to heal more quickly and efficiently because insurance does not cover laser, traction, etc.? Offering ChiroHealthUSA to these patients can and will help you help them and grow your practice.

Many practices find that patients who become members of ChiroHealthUSA are more likely to show up for maintenance, preventive and wellness care; basically, the treatment their insurance and/or Medicare won't cover. That means that the more ChiroHealthUSA member patients you have in your practice, the better you're able to serve your community with the kind of consistent chiropractic care people need and deserve. ChiroHealthUSA is for EVERY patient who has non-covered services. And let’s face it. At some point, that is almost everyone these days. 

Dr. Ray Foxworth is a certified Medical Compliance Specialist and President of ChiroHealthUSA. A practicing Chiropractor, he remains “in the trenches” facing challenges with billing, coding, documentation and compliance. He has served as president of the Mississippi Chiropractic Association, former Staff Chiropractor at the G.V. Sonny Montgomery VA Medical Center and is a Fellow of the International College of Chiropractic. You can contact Dr. Foxworth at 1-888-719-9990, or visit the ChiroHealthUSA website at

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