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Monday, March 9, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Sheri Ryan
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Sheri Ryan, 907-903-1350

March 9, 2020


Anchorage, AK – The Alaska Chiropractic Society is PROUD to announce the long awaited Intern/Preceptor Program is NOW AVAILABLE in our state!  In August 2016, SB 69[i] was enacted creating statutes allowing for chiropractic interns and preceptors in the Great State of Alaska.  Regulations have now been finalized for the Intern/Preceptor Program with an effective date of 2/23/2020[ii].  Chiropractic students nearing the end of their study can NOW take advantage of finalizing their educational training in the Last Frontier!  Students who have been accepted and approved to participate in their school’s chiropractic internship program are eligible to come to Alaska and complete their education with an experienced Alaska Chiropractic Physician in a field based environment gathering real world experience while enjoying the great Alaska outdoors!  Under the general supervision of an approved AK Preceptor, eligible student interns can perform exams, x-rays, and modalities and under personal supervision - adjust!  Internship placement is made through an accredited chiropractic college and the ongoing internship program is overseen by the college. Precepting AK Chiropractic Physicians must have a minimum of five years licensed experience in Alaska and be accepted to participate in the program by the chiropractic college for the student intern.  See Board of Chiropractic Examiners Statutes and Regulations AS 08.20 and 12 AAC 16 for complete details. 

Interested in helping to educate a Student Intern in your Alaska practice?  Contact your chiropractic school of choice for more information and apply for their Preceptor Program. 

Cleveland University

Palmer College of Chiropractic

D’Youville College

Parker University

Keiser University

Sherman College of Chiropractic

Life University College of Chiropractic

Los Angeles College of Chiropractic of the Southern California University of Health Sciences

Logan University

Texas Chiropractic College

National University of Health Sciences

University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic

New York Chiropractic College

University of Western States

Northwestern College of Chiropractic



NEW Items that define Intern (student) and Preceptor (supervising Doctor) Program in Alaska.  Please see Board of Chiropractic Examiners Statutes and Regulations AS 08.20 and 12 AAC 16 for complete information. 

Sec. 08.20.900 Definitions[iii]  

(9) “chiropractic intern” means a person who is engaged in the practice of chiropractic while under the personal supervision of a person licensed under this chapter for the purposed of obtaining practical experience for licensure as a chiropractor

(10) “chiropractic preceptor” means a person who is licensed under this chapter and who participates in the instruction and training of chiropractic interns;

12 AAC 16.041. PRECEPTOR SCOPE OF PRACTICE.  A chiropractic preceptor

(1)  may supervise not more than one chiropractic intern a at a time;

(2)  may permit a chiropractic intern to perform the chiropractic adjustment as set out in AS 08.20.900 only under personal supervision

(3)  before any chiropractic manipulative therapy performed by the intern, must provide a patient with an informed consent document that states that the chiropractic intern is  a chiropractic student and not a licensed chiropractic physician in this state;

(4)  must maintain a malpractice insurance policy with coverage limits of at least $1,000,000 per claim, and a minimum aggregate limit of $3,000,000 per policy period; and

(5)  must have been licensed under this chapter in this state for not less than five years preceding the acceptance of a chiropractic intern

Authority:      AS 08.20.055

12 AAC 16.042. INTERN SCOPE OF PRACTICE. (a) A chiropractic intern may, under the personal supervision of a chiropractic preceptor, use chiropractic core methodologies as defined in AS 08.20.900, except that chiropractic diagnosis must be provided by the chiropractic preceptor.

(b) A chiropractic intern may, under the general supervision of a chiropractic preceptor,

(1)  perform diagnostic imaging studies;

(2)  perform examination procedures;

(3)  use ancillary methodologies as defined in AS 08.20.900.

(c) A chiropractic preceptor is subject to disciplinary action if an intern is in violation of this chapter.

(d) An intern must be enrolled in a graduate-level course of study at a chiropractic institution accredited by the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE), and be accepted into and approved to participate in an internship program.  Internship placement will be made by and overseen by the accredited chiropractic college program. 

(e) An intern may practice under a chiropractic preceptor for a period of not more than six months or the time period approved by the intern’s accredited chiropractic college, whichever comes first.  Written extensions of an internship may be granted by the board. 


Authority:      AS 08.20.055            AS 08.20.170            AS 08.20.900

                        AS 08.20.100            AS 08.20.195


12 AAC 16.990 DEFINITIONS. (a) In this chapter, unless the context requires otherwise,

(7)  “general supervision” means the directing of the authorized activities by a licensed chiropractic physician and does not require the physical presence of the supervisor when directing those activities;

(8)  “personal supervision” means that the licensed chiropractic physician is physically present at the same offices location where the services are being furnished.  

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