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Equipment for Sale
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To advertise on the Alaska Chiropractic Society website, download the ACS Classified Ad Form, complete and fax to (907) 770-3790.  

 New is $90,000 - We are selling for $50,000 which includes set/delivery IF it will be moved. 

• 50kW High Frequency "Quest HF" Generator "note:  Requires 480V - 3 phase incoming power 25mA up to 650mA, 800mAs max
• 40 to 125kV in 1 kV steps 
• LCD panel display for "APR Anatomical Programmed Radiography
• X-ray Tube:  6/1.2mm focal spot sizes, 400kHU, 12 degree target angle  • Floor to Wall Tube Stand with 8' rails.  Vertical. Transverse, and Tube Roll movements along 72" Longitudinal travel 
• Wall Stand Vertical Travel Grid cabinet with Full Spine Capability:  17x36 channel or 17x17 cassette tray in upper or lower slots 
• 178 lpi 18x36 grid in Wall Stand, Fuji CR compatible 
• Manual Collimator with Automatic Lamp timer and laser light localizer for tray centering 
• "Quiet Life" Elevating - 4 way float top Radiographic Table 
• 85x35 Table Top, 32" longitudinal travel and 10" transverse travel
• Elevating range: 21" - 32.5" with collision avoidance electronics 
• 650 lb. patient weight capacity 
• Includes 17x17 reciprocating grid bucky, grid and cassette tray 

Fuji Computed Radiography (CR) System 

• XL-2 Single Plate CR Reader - Processes up to 62 14x17 Plates/hour 
• IIP Workstation to include PC, touchscreen monitor, keyboard and mouse 
• FCR Carbon Cart for IIP workstation to sit over top XL-2 Reader unit 
• 2ea. 14x17 & 10x12 Fuji CR Cassettes with Imaging Plates 
• Full Spine Stitching kit 
• IIP Stitching Software 
• 34" CR cassette with 2-14x17 Imaging Plages 

Contact Alaska Spine and Pain Center (907) 561-4474
ATM2-Pro-ST (Active Therapeutic Movement) rehabilitation unit for sale. Unlike the basic model, the ATM2-Pro-ST™ System adds the capability to simultaneously apply bilateral or unilateral traction to any segment(s) of the spine. This unit is like new, with very little use.

Original price: $7,500

OBO: $4,000

Please contact Lynn at 907-272-2700 for any questions.


Backproject ATM2-Pro for sale.  In very good shape.  $2500.  Brand new these are $4890 before shipping.  Contact Charlie Gray 907-563-7700.  
Richmar™ Winner CM4 EVO Pro-Hybrid Ultrasound/Stim/Laser/Light - $3500
05/07/2019 Price REDUCED! SAVE - NOW ONLY $2000!
•Includes: CM4 EVO base unit, StoreMore Cart, Therapy Hammer, AutoPrism, AutoSound w/ Autogel coupling agent & Protocol manual for laser/light therapies

•Stimulator standard features:

1. 2 (NAI258) or 4(NAI259) channels of Tru-Stim
2. Waveforms: Quadpolar IFC, Premod IFC, Hi-Volt, Russian Stim, and Microcurrent
3. Able to perform ALL modalities at the same time

•Ultrasound standard features:

1. Continuous and Pulsed Output: 0-2.0 W/cm2 (0-10 Watts)
2. Power Input: 110 VAC / 60 Hz, (220 VAC / 50 Hz available)
3. Frequency: 1 & 3 MHz
4. Beam Non-uniformity Ratio (BNR): 5.5 : 1 maximum
5. Duty Cycles: 100%, 50%, 20%, 10%
6. Time: 0-30 minutes
7. Fuse: 1 amp
8. Line Leakage: Less than 50 mA
9. Hands-Free AutoSound Applicator
10. Superior 1/3 MHz Ultrasound
11. Patented & only unattended ultrasound available
12. Eliminates possibility of human error by providing perfect perpendicular placement, AutoGel pad coupling agent, & 4 independent ultrasonic diaphragms programmed to fire in optimum sequence

Contact Rachel at Parliament Chiropractic at 907-222-5100.  
 ChiroTouch software - selling the software for $5,000.  It will cost $2,500 to transfer program and license.  Full retail price to purchase Chirotouch is approx. $14,000!  Contact Dr. Kurt Adams at (907) 727-1543 or  
 Hill Adjusting table - HA90C - with tilting headpiece, manual forward motion drop head piece, thoracic drop, lumbar drop, pelvic drop, ankle support and upgraded upholstery.  One year old, barely used.  $4000 or BEST OFFER!.  
Call or text 907-244-3451.  
 City Center Chiropractic in Juneau, AK has about 10 rare earth, 400-speed, blue and green sensitive film cassettes for sale in 8x10, 14x17, and 7x17 sizes.  City Center Chiropractic is also seeling a used Agfa Curix 60 film processor, a Kodak Model B Printer, and a safe light storage box.  Call City Center Chiropractic at (907) 463-5255 and make an offer today!
Do you have chiropractic equipment you no longer use or need?  Sell it on the ACS website and make space, help out a fellow DC and get a little $$$!  FREE ADS for ACS Members!  Contact Sheri Ryan at 907.903.1350 for more information.  
 X-ray Machine 
 X-ray machine for sale.  Universal High Frequency 50 K SE (stored energy), 17 x 17 wall stand, floor to wall tube stand.  $9000 or best offer.  Contact Dr. Lidia Petersen in Seward at (907) 224-8680.    


 Interested in advertising on the Alaska Chiropractic Society website?  Download the ACS Classified Ad Form, complete and fax to (907) 770-3790.  

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