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Equipment for Sale
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To advertise on the Alaska Chiropractic Society website, download the ACS Classified Ad Form, complete and fax to (907) 770-3790.  

Hill Air-Flex Flexion & Distraction Table with Auto-Flexion + Auto-Distraction: $6,800


• Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, and Pelvic manual and air drop sections
• Cervical piece also has flexion and sliding ability.
• Pelvic portion also can rotate with auto distraction and traction setting.
• Minimal use on this table, no rips, tears, or issues; just not used enough to keep in office.
• This table has almost every upgrade possible coming in at just over 11k brand new.

Contact Rachel at Parliament Chiropractic at 907-222-5100.  
Richmar™ Winner CM4 EVO Pro-Hybrid Ultrasound/Stim/Laser/Light - $3500  
• Includes: CM4 EVO base unit, StoreMore Cart, Therapy Hammer, AutoPrism, AutoSound w/ Autogel coupling agent, LaserPrism, Laser/Light Module, & Protocol manual for laser/light therapies
• Stimulator standard features:
• 2 (NAI258) or 4(NAI259) channels of Tru-Stim
• Waveforms: Quadpolar IFC, Premod IFC, Hi-Volt, Russian Stim, and Microcurrent
• Able to perform ALL modalities at the same time
• Ultrasound standard features:
• Continuous and Pulsed Output: 0-2.0 W/cm2 (0-10 Watts)
• Power Input: 110 VAC / 60 Hz, (220 VAC / 50 Hz available)
• Frequency: 1 & 3 MHz
• Beam Non-uniformity Ratio (BNR): 5.5 : 1 maximum
• Duty Cycles: 100%, 50%, 20%, 10%
• Time: 0-30 minutes
• Fuse: 1 amp
• Line Leakage: Less than 50 mA
• LaserPrism Emitter
• Class IIIB Cold Laser
• Laser Wavelength: 785 nm
• Hands-Free AutoSound Applicator
• Superior 1/3 MHz Ultrasound
• Patented & only unattended ultrasound available
• Eliminates possibility of human error by providing perfect perpendicular placement, AutoGel pad coupling agent, & 4 independent ultrasonic diaphragms programmed to fire in optimum sequence

Contact Rachel at Parliament Chiropractic at 907-222-5100.  
 First come, first served!  Burgundy adjusting bench available for the low, low price of $300.  Black High/Low table $1,000 or best offer!  Contact Kanady Chiropractic NOW at (907) 272-2700.  
 ChiroTouch software - selling the software for $5,000.  It will cost $2,500 to transfer program and license.  Full retail price to purchase Chirotouch is approx. $14,000!  Contact Dr. Kurt Adams at (907) 727-1543 or  
 MOVING SALE - 10am - 5pm or by appointment.  Mitchell Chiropractic at 5313 Arctic Blvd., Suite 101, Anchorage is having a MOVING SALE!  New office space is much smaller!  2 - IST Tables, 1 low adjusting bench, 1 Ceragem table, chairs, posters, bookcases and other office furnishings!  1 SoftTech Activator Adjusting Table.  Come one - come all - can't fit it in the new place so this is YOUR opportunity to find some real bargains!  Phone 562-1511 or email for details!
(2) Verteflex intersegmental traction tables for sale. They are fully functional, have very little use and feel great! We do more active care than passive in our office and they are just not being utilized like they should. $600 each or both for $1000.

The other table is a water massage table. We acquired this from another chiropractic office but never used it. There is a small slow leak in it somewhere but we are not sure if it is the bladder, or a line, or something else. Asking $300 but willing to make a deal on it. We have patients who have used this exact model in the past and said that it felt really good. Again, we do more active based rehab so it isn't a priority in our office and would be better suited someplace else.

We are also looking for nice portable adjustment tables and/or trainers tables. Would be willing to possibly negotiate a partial trade or work something like that out. Please don't hesitate to call and ask. 907-222-2100 Kelly Ryan, DC
 Hill Adjusting table - HA90C - with tilting headpiece, manual forward motion drop head piece, thoracic drop, lumbar drop, pelvic drop, ankle support and upgraded upholstery.  One year old, barely used.  $4000 or BEST OFFER!.  
Call or text 907-244-3451.  
 X-ray equipment for sale:  21 manila storage envelopes; ID Printer; Red Lights; Xray Cassettes Blue RE 800 speed (5- 14x17, 4 - 24x30, 5 8x10); partial boxes of unexposed film for the above sizes; AFR imaging processor; viewbox.  All items in good working order.  Everything you need for an xray processor room - $400 or best offer.  I would prefer to sell all items as a package, but if you are interested in just a few items, give me a call.  I would like these items gone sooner than later!  Contact Charlie Gray 907.563.7700.  
 City Center Chiropractic in Juneau, AK has about 10 rare earth, 400-speed, blue and green sensitive film cassettes for sale in 8x10, 14x17, and 7x17 sizes.  City Center Chiropractic is also seeling a used Agfa Curix 60 film processor, a Kodak Model B Printer, and a safe light storage box.  Call City Center Chiropractic at (907) 463-5255 and make an offer today!
 2 Zenith HI/LO Thompson Drop tables for sale in Anchorage, AK.  These are identical tables and both have pelvic, lumbar, and thoracic drop pieces.  Tables were recently refurbished a few years ago and have had very little use since.  They are in good condition and have nice premium black naugahyde coverings.  Asking $7000 or best offer for both.  Would be willing to sell separately as well.  Please contact Dr. Kelly Ryan @ 907-222-2100.  
Do you have chiropractic equipment you no longer use or need?  Sell it on the ACS website and make space, help out a fellow DC and get a little $$$!  FREE ADS for ACS Members!  Contact Sheri Ryan at 907.903.1350 for more information.  
 X-ray Machine 
 X-ray machine for sale.  Universal High Frequency 50 K SE (stored energy), 17 x 17 wall stand, floor to wall tube stand.  $9000 or best offer.  Contact Dr. Lidia Petersen in Seward at (907) 224-8680.  
 Zenith Hi/Lo Tables
 Two Zenith Hi/Lo Tables for sale in Anchorage.  Completely refurbished with new black leather.  Fantastic condition.  New $8000 for both - only used for a few months.  Asking $5000 (or best offer) if both tables sold together.  Willing to sell separately.  Contact Todd Curzie at (907) 229-4039.  


 Interested in advertising on the Alaska Chiropractic Society website?  Download the ACS Classified Ad Form, complete and fax to (907) 770-3790.  

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