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ARMY OneSource
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 ARMY OneSource ARMY OneSource

Introducing the AOS BH Initiative.

  • The Army OneSource Behavioral Health Initiative is an awareness campaign initiated on behalf of Service Members and their Families.
  • The intent of the campaign is to raise awareness among health professionals of the behavioral health needs that are arising from Military efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.  
  • This need extends not only to Service members, but to their Families as well.  Consequently, the human repercussions of this war will affect multiple generations to come.  
  • ARMY OneSource is informing and educating health providers about this public health issue to increase the country's capacity to address the growing demand for behavioral health assistance among Service Members and their Families.
  • Service Members and their Families answered the call - now, YOU need to do the same by helping ARMY OneSource link Veterans and their Families to behavioral health services they so desperately need.  

How can YOU answer this call for assistance?  

  • Become aware of the unique needs of our Military and their Families.  Educate yourself by taking the courses available.  
  • Contact our ARMY OneSource Community Support Coordinator Brenda Newburn at or (907) 384-0804 to get your ARMY OneSource referral code.  
  • Go to and create a personal user account.    Click on New Users tab at the top of the screen. Create a personal user account following the instructions on the screen.  NOTE:  Be sure to enter your ARMY OneSource referral code in the space provided.  Login to the system using your new id and password.  Click on Courses Tab at the top of the screen.  Select a course you wish to complete.  Click on Register.  
  • Once you complete a course, you will be have access to download and print a Certificate of Completion.  

The Citizen Soldier Support Program, in collaboration with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has developed several courses to familiarize health professionals with the Invisible Wounds of War and the unique mental health needs associated with service in the Armed Forces.  

Current Courses Available:    For more in-depth information about each course, go to  and click on COURSES at the top of the screen.  

  • Treating the Invisible Wounds of War  - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Treating the Invisible Wounds of War:  A Primary Care Approach 
  • Treating the Invisible Wounds of War:  Issues of Women Returning from Combat
  • Treating the Invisible Wounds of War:  Recognizing Mild Traumatic Brain Injury during Routine Eye Exams

"Treating the Invisible Wounds of War" Series:  

  • Course Purpose:  This series of course is designed to build awareness among primary care physicians, case workers, mental health providers, and other professionals. - who may see a Veteran or Family members on an unrelated issue - of the culture in which Veterans and their Families live and work.  The courses provide best practices for identifying, assessing, and treating mental health problems that result from the trauma of war.  
  • Objectives:  At the conclusion of each of these courses, you should be able to:  
  • Identify strategies for establishing and maintaining a therapeutic alliance with Combat Veterans and their Families, by examining Military structure and culture, and the combat experience.  Examine the current knowledge of trauma and PTSD and how it is unique to Military personnel.  
  • Identify frames of mental health assessment and treatment options for Military personnel.  Identify how Family relationships are impacted by mobilization, deployment and redeployment.
  • Identify services available for Veterans and their Families, including those provided by the US Department of Veterans Affairs and TRICARE.

NOTE:  Video portions of these courses may requires a high-speed internet connection for optimum effectiveness.  

LENGTH:  Course times vary, and a course does not have to be completed all at one time.  Users may log out at any time and start again where they left off.

TARGET AUDIENCE:  Psychologists, psychiatrists, behavioral health providers, primary care physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, and other interested professionals.  

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